To download a user guide for super users please choose from the 'Attachments' menu at the top of the page.



Who can sign up as a super user?
To sign up as a super user, you must be an individual in a firm who monitors and coordinates learning activities for a group of the firm’s employees.


How many super users can each firm sign up?
CFA UK allows a standard of three super users per firm. To request further super users please contact 


Is the CPD platform for CFA UK members only?
No. The society’s CPD resources are available to both members and non-members of CFA UK. A super user may add any individual to their account, but different fees will apply to members and non-members. Please see below the fee structure for CFA UK CPD resources.




CPD Programme

CPD Library

Continuing Education Events

Payment Method


£150 per programme OR £40 per study session


Free (exceptions apply)

Credit Card



£150 per programme OR £40 per study session

£125 p/a

£50 per event (exceptions apply)

Credit Card


Super Users

£150 per programme OR £40 per study session

Members – Free
Non-Members - £125 p/a per user





How long will it take for me to receive my login details?
Once you have submitted your super user registration online you will receive an automated email with your login details and a guide to using the CPD platform within 24 working hours.


I am having trouble logging into my super user account
Please contact to reinstate your access.


Can all members of CFA UK at my firm be added to my super user account automatically?
No. A super user must add their users individually or via an automated upload in .xls format. Due to data protection all members of CFA UK are asked to authorise super user access to their CPD log –CFA UK will obtain this consent.



How do I add a user?
Click on ‘Create user’ on the left hand side of the homepage – you will then be taken to the user details screen where you can enter the individual’s details.


Can I add more than one user at a time?
Yes. Click on ‘User imports template’ on the left hand side of the homepage. Follow the instructions to download the user import template, which will download on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Click the button – this will open an Excel template which you can populate with your individual user details. Once the spreadsheet is populated, save and send the document to The users will then be imported into the CPD platform on your behalf. Once users have been uploaded, you can manage the list in the ‘My users’ section. CFA UK will ask any users that are members of CFA UK to authorise super user access to their existing CPD records.


Can I categorise my users into departments?
Yes. Go to ‘Menu’, followed by ‘Organisations and Units’. On the screen you will see the name of your organisation – click the ‘+’ button your first department will appear. To add more, hover over the department and a ‘+ unit’ button will appear.


Do I need to communicate anything to the users I add before they can start using the CPD platform?
No. Once you have added a user they will receive an automated email with their login details and guide to using the CPD platform.


How do I find learning activities?
To find CPD activities for your team, choose one of the learning categories, for examples ‘Webcasts’, or click on the black box on the left hand side of the homepage. You will then be taken to the learning activities catalogue – if you click on one of the catalogue categories (for example, ‘Books’), this will then display a list of the available resources within this category. You can use the filter options on the left side to search and find specific resources, and on the right side you can view the Top 10 resources.


How do I assign CPD to a user?
Once you have found a learning resource, you can assign it to a member of your team by clicking the ‘Registered users’ button. On the following page, click ‘Add users’ – this will direct you to a page that allows you to choose whether you would like to assign the resource to specific users or use the registration rule filters:

  • Specific users: To find users either click the ‘Search’ button, type a name into the box on the right or select a filter from the drop down box. Once you have selected a person, click ‘Next’. On the next step you will also be able to set a deadline date or reset the progress of a user.
  • Registration rule: Using this option you will be able to assign an activity to specific groups of people using various different filter options.

How can I view the progress of a learning activity?
Click on ‘View all staff activity’ to view all users’ progress. Use the filters at the top and on the left to refine your analysis. Alternatively, click on the name of a person whose progress you would like to check – their details will then appear. Click on ‘Learning activities’ on the left hand side menu bar and you will be presented with a list of the person’s learning activities, along with their progress.


Can I remind my users to complete an outstanding CPD task?
Yes. To send a reminder email to users undertaking a particular activity, go to ‘Menu’, then ‘Content Manager’. Select the relevant activity, then ‘Set reminder emails’.


If a user completes a CFA UK CPD activity, will it automatically be recorded in their CPD log?
Yes. All CFA UK CPD activities assigned to a user (or chosen by the user) will automatically be added to their CPD log once they have completed the activity.


Can super users add external CPD to their users’ CPD logs?
No. Only an individual user can add external CPD activities their CPD log – this cannot be done by a super user.


Can super users access their users’ CPD logs?
Providing a user has granted the firm access to their account, super users can view and download complete CPD logs in a variety of formats by clicking on ‘View CPD detailed report for my team’ on the home page. On the next page, type the name of the user in the ‘Person last name’ box, then select a file format from the ‘Export’ drop down list. Click ‘Go’ to download the CPD log.


How do I build a bespoke report?
To build your own reports, go to ‘Menu’ on the top left hand side, click on ‘Reports’, then ‘New report’ on the following screen. Here you will be able to view all the report options available.


I have updated my super user account details but the changes are not reflected in my account.
It can take up to 24 working hours for the changes to be made.


I have requested an additional super user to be added to my firm’s account but they have not received their login details.
It can take up to 24 working hours for additional super uses to be added to your firm’s account.




What does CFA UK CPD cost?
CPD library access is free to members and currently costs £125 (including VAT) per 12-month period to 30 June each year for non-members and CPD Certificate Programmes are currently charged at £150 (including VAT) per programme, per user.

What CPD can super users access for free and what will I be charged for?
As a super user you will have complimentary access to the CFA UK CPD platform to:

  • Browse the full CPD library, find out information out the content in the CPD library and the CPD certificate programmes (but not view the CPD itself or take any assessments)
  • Register and upload your firm’s users into the CPD platform
  • Monitor your users’ CPD activities and produce tailored CPD log reports
  • If your users are CFA UK members, you may also assign CPD library items to them


The following items from CFA UK’s CPD Platform are chargeable:

  • CPD Certificate Programmes for any users
  • CPD library items for users who are not members of CFA UK

Why am I required to provide billing details during registration?
Your firm will only be billed when you (or another user) assign chargeable CPD to users in your organisation. Billing details are required to enable the super user to assign CPD and for CFA UK to invoice on a monthly basis for CPD assigned to users.

How do I provide my billing information to CFA UK?
Billing details need to be provided during registration by the super user. CFA UK will contact you within one working day of your registration to ask you to confirm your organisation’s billing information via email.

How do super users/firms pay for CPD?
Super users’ firms are invoiced at the end of the month in relation to CPD or library access assigned by super users or users during the month.

When are invoices due and how should they be paid?
Invoices are payable on receipt and must be settled within 30 days, ideally via BACS. If invoices are not paid on time UK reserves the right to suspend access to a super user’s account or an organisation’s user accounts temporarily, until the invoice is settled.

Am I eligible for a refund if the CPD is not consumed or undertaken?
Any charges for any content that is not consumed or is only partially consumed by the user are not refundable.

Can I transfer assigned CPD from one user to another?
It is not possible to transfer CPD packages between users.

If I assign library access to a non-member who subsequently joins CFA UK at a later date, will I receive a refund?
No, library access is deemed chargeable at the date on which the CPD is assigned, if the user was not a member as at that date.

Can users apply for membership of CFA UK and receive free library access?
Yes, users may apply for membership of CFA UK (Regular or Affiliate membership) via CFA Institute here   or local membership if users hold the ASIP qualification or are an IMC graduate or a CFA Program candidate, here.  Please note that application for membership of CFA Institute requires several weeks for the review of an application.

Any other questions?
Please email or call us on 020 7648 6200 during office hours from 9.30am to 5.30pm on Monday to Friday.