Illiquids and Alternatives - Fixed Income Conference 2015 (Unstructured)


Date: 23 June 2015


  • David Dahan, Managing Director, Secure Income Alternatives, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Aviva Investors; 
  • Sandro Kriesch, Managing Partner, Head of Private ILS, Twelve Capital; 
  • Jerome Jacques, Global Co-head of Asset Backed products, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking.

The panel discuss the trend into alternative asset classes. Investments in the area include insurance Cap bonds, ABS securities and real estate backed transactions. They require an entire new skill-set, but reward investors with higher returns. 

On completion of the webcast the learning activity will be recorded in your CPD log as unstructured learning.

Unstructured CPD time on completion of webcast: 32 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Identify factors which have led to increased investment in illiquid and alternative assets
  • Identify factors which make up the illiquidity premium
  • Explain the importance of understanding the technical and legal nature of alternative investments
  • Explain the importance of controlling the use of non-public information when performing due diligence on alternative investments
  • Identify potential opportunities for investing in illiquid and alternative investments

CPD Hours

0h 32m