Writing an Effective CV - Alan Cutts


Unstructured Learning

Date: 6th October 2016

CPD Hours: 26 minutes

Are you struggling to write your CV? Or maybe you already have one but are wondering why you never seem to get an interview? It is said that your CV has to attract a recruiter’s attention within six seconds to make sure it doesn't go straight into the ‘no’ pile and to afford it a more in-depth consideration.

This webcast will help you write an effective CV; one that grabs attention, highlights your suitability for the role and, crucially, gets you an interview. It will focus on:

  • Building your master CV - what it should and should not contain
  • Tailoring your CV for specific vacancies
  • Tips on structure and formats that work
  • What to put in the all important first 30 words!

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Writing an Effective CV - Webcast