This study session consists of four parts. On completion of the videos, selected readings and assessment, 2 hours of structured CPD will automatically be entered into your CPD log.

1. Communication - Video

This study session highlights the importance of being able to communicate research effectively and meaningfully. Experienced analysts respond to questions on:


2. Communication: Motivate Others to Act on Your Calls - Video  

This is the fifth and final video produced by James Valentine, CFA, for this programme. The video outlines the key influencing skills needed by analysts, and three central steps for communicating stock recommendations. These include:


 3. Communication - Selected Readings

Two external reading have been selected in this area:

'Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts' (Chapter 26) - Special Considerations for the Most Important Delivery Channels (Valentine, J. James)

Drawing on the author’s own experience as a successful equity analyst, this invaluable reading examines practical considerations of communication faced by the equity analyst. Identifying the various forms of communication used by equity analysts to gather and share information, the author discusses each as well as providing best practice tips.

This highly pragmatic presentation not only details how best to use each form of communication but also pulls apart what makes up a great research report. The separate considerations for sell side and buy side analysts are also laid out.

'Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts' (Chapter 4) - Influence Others to Accumulate Insights and Get Heard (Valentine, J. James)                    

All the technical and quantitative brilliance in the world may not guarantee a successful career for an equity analyst if they are unable to get themselves heard in a loud and crowded market place.

This stimulating reading identifies the key skills needed by both buy side and sell side analysts. These skills will enable the analyst to gather critical information through gaining access to those who matter. Skills are also needed to communicate their insights clearly and convincingly in a way that influences key market operators.


4. Communication - Structured Assessment

The assessment consists of 10 questions and requires a pass score of 70% to be obtained. The test must be passed in the first two attempts in order to successfully complete this study session and for the learning to log as structured learning. 


Communication - Video
Communication: Motivate Others to Act on Your Calls - Video
Communication - Selected Readings
Communication - Structured Assessment